Seamless Steel Pipes

Seamless industrial pipe is used for various industrial applications that require transportation of steam, water, gas and air under high pressure, including in the equipment manufacturing, construction, power-generation, chemicals and petrochemicals, automotive, aviation and aerospace industries.

Hot-rolled pipe used in various industries, including construction, industrial plant engineering and machinery. 

  • diameters of 17 mm to 108 mm and wall thickness of 2.0 mm to 45 mm;

  • diameters of 108 mm to 159 mm and wall thickness of 2 mm to 40 mm; 

  • diameters of 159 mm to 950 mm and wall thickness of 8 mm to 90 mm

Welded Pipes Hollow Sections and Round.

Welded industrial pipe is used for various applications, including mechanical engineering and construction.

  • Water and gas pipe ranging from 17.1 mm to 219.1 mm in diameter with pipe wall thickness of 2.00 mm to 8.00 mm. Water and gas pipes are used for plumbing and gas pipelines, heating systems, and as components in plumbing and gas pipeline systems. The pipe can be galvanised to make it rust proof, if required by customers. Steel grades P235TR1

  • Transmission pipe with diameters from 17 mm to 219 mm and wall thickness from 2 mm to 8mm mm, used in equipment manufacturing. S235JRH, S355J2H, S195T

  • «ERW» big diameter pipe with diameters of 273 mm to 2000 mm. ERW  is used in a number of industries: construction, housing and community amenities, energy, and engineering industry.

  • Galvanised Small Diameter Pipe with diameters ranging from 4 mm to 8 mm for use in refrigerators.

Forged bars.

Forged metals tend to be harder, stronger and more durable than cast forms or machined parts. The reason why, is simple: pressure alone forms the steel into the right shape, and the metal’s response to such overwhelming force tends to align the grain. That means you get more cogent internal structure and a far greater ability to withstand warping and wearing.

Round : Ø: from 127 мм up to 300 мм

Forged bar length: min 4000 mm, max 16500 mm and max weight 6t.

Basic material: continuously cast bloom with dimensions: min cross-section 250 mm and max 500 mm or bloom previously forged on the press with max square cross-section 500 mm.

Square forged bars

Cross-section within 155-650 mm

Basic material: square and octahedral bars with dimensions: min square 660 mm and octahedron max 990 mm and also continuously cast bloom with cross-section 650 mm and max weight 12 t.

Forge production includes radialforging machine and rapidly acting press allowed to get forging bar within 90-350 mm diameter and about 17 m length. Further the bars are exposed to heat treatment included temper hardening for production required mechanical properties of finished product.

Initial raw material for steel melting is scrap metal. Melting is made in electric arc furnaces. Steel refining incorporates vacuum treatment and electromagnetic stirring for obtaining steel of high quality and purity